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Eisenmann Übersetzungsteam provides technical translations by native speakers of Vietnamese into and from Vietnamese for all subject areas: economics, law, technology, medicine, advertising, IT etc.

Our subject areas range from finance to law, from technology to advertising, websites, certificates and references.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Vietnamese into their mother tongues (Vietnamese or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The History of Vietnamese

The history of Vietnamese is not clear, and linguists are not agreed on how to classify the language.

Vietnamese is an official language in Vietnam, where it is spoken by all inhabitants, that is to say 72 million people. This is augmented by the 2-3 million emigrants living in Poland, Germany, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Vietnamese belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family, under which it is categorised under the Proto-Mon-Khmer language. This means that Vietnamese is categorised as a non-tonal language, although it is one. This is based on the theory that Vietnamese was originally a non-tonal language in which 6 tones formed over time, which were then adopted.

According to a linguistic theory, in the past there existed a sort of Proto-Vietnamese which was similar to the other languages of the same language family. Over time, Vietnamese evolved further and adopted characteristics of the languages of the Thai family. This development took place in the north of the country and gradually spread to the south.

During the following 1000-year Chinese rule, a sort of Sino-Vietnamese formed which was distinguished by many borrowed Chinese words.

After the end of the Chinese rule, Vietnamese evolved away from Chinese and towards the Romance languages. Old Vietnamese was still characterised by the Chinese typeface with some changes, while the Middle Vietnamese which developed from the 17th Century onwards was strongly influenced by French; even more so around the end of the 19th Century when Vietnam became a French colony with French as the official language and working language.

Since gaining independence, Vietnamese has been written in Latin letters with special characters.


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