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Language combinations for translations involving Ukrainian:

  • Ukrainian to German
  • German to Ukrainian
  • English to Ukrainian
  • Ukrainian to English

Eisenmann Übersetzungsteam provides technical translations by native speakers of Ukrainian into and from Ukrainian for all subject areas: economics, law, technology, medicine, advertising, IT etc.

Our subject areas range from finance to law, from technology to advertising, websites, certificates and references.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Ukrainian into their mother tongues (Ukrainian or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The History of Ukrainian

Ukrainian is the official language of the Ukraine, where it is spoken by more than 31 million people. An additional 16 million native speakers live in over 25 countries including Russia, Poland, Slovakia, the USA, Canada and Belarus.

Ukrainian, like Russian, belongs to the East Slavic languages and evolved in the 9th Century from Proto-Slavic in the region of Kievan Rus’. Because ‘Russian’ is mistakenly assumed from ‘Rus’, Russian was named Great Russian and Ukrainian was named Lesser Russian. In the 18th Century, an independent Ukrainian written and literature language finally emerged. Around the end of the 19th Century and later in the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian language stood below Russian in importance. Ukrainian was still spoken, but it was not the lingua franca. Even today, the Russian influence on the language variants of Ukrainian is still visibly apparent.

Ukrainian has been the official language of the Ukraine since 1991.


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