Experienced German-English Translators of Contracts, Balance Sheets, Technical Documentation, Manuals...

Law, Economics, Medicine, Technology, IT…

We have many years of experience (we started in 1990!) translating in the following subject areas, and use native-speaker translators for them:

  • Law
    • All types of contract:
      Purchase contracts, licence agreements, employment contracts, credit agreements, cooperation agreements, management contracts etc.
    • General terms and conditions, conditions of purchase, delivery conditions
    • Correspondence, statements of case
    • Patent law: patents, patent specifications, patent descriptions, patent claims, patent applications, patent lawsuits
    • Certificates of registration
  • PR Texts, Advertising
    • Press releases
    • Advertisement texts
    • Sales bulletins
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Catalogues
  • Management
    • Management correspondence
    • PowerPoint slides
    • Business plans
    • Risk management
  • Accounting
    • Profit and loss sheets
    • Annual reports
    • Cash flow reports
  • Information Technology
    • Software, software manuals, speech recognition, computer applications, computer games
    • Hardware, instructions
  • Websites
  • Technical Documentation, Operating Instructions, Instruction Manuals, Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets
  • Medical technology, Medical Devices and Instruments, Catheters, Dental Technology
  • Medicine (in particular Radiology, Oncology and Urology, Doctor’s Reports, Results)
  • Technology, Engineering
    • Electrical engineering, electronics
    • Mechanical engineering, machine tools, laser technology, machining centres, milling machines
    • Packaging machines, packaging technology, folding boxes, manufacturing
    • Quality control
    • Defence technology
    • Measurement technology, control technology, pump technology
    • Automotive technology, automotive engineering
    • Food industry, food technology
    • Agriculture
    • Jewellery and watches
    • Environmental technology
  • Cosmetics
  • Certified translations - certifications (certificates, work references, contracts etc.)
  • Private Documents, such as:
    • CVs, job applications
    • Certificates (school certificates, work certificates, university certificates, diplomas, medical licences, PhD certificates)
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates
    • Wills
    • Correspondence with authorities (citizenship acquisitions)
    • Driving licences
    • Emigration documents

For most languages, we have experienced and qualified translators specialising in the above subject areas (not just for English, French or Spanish).

Along with Microsoft Word, we can process your texts in PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe FrameMaker.
We have also been using SDL/Trados Workbench and MultiTerm for many years.

Summary: our translators can translate in the following subject areas:

Law (contracts, including purchase agreements, licence agreements, employment contracts, credit agreements, co-operation contracts (joint ventures), management agreements, general terms and conditions, purchase conditions, delivery conditions, legal correspondence, statements of claim, patent law, patent specifications, patent descriptions, patent claims, patent registrations, patent lawsuits, certificates of registration, PR texts, advertisements, press releases, advertising texts, client bulletins, brochures, websites, management, management correspondence, PowerPoint slides, business plans, risk management, human resources management, accounting, profit and loss sheets, annual reports, inventory reports, cash flow reports, IT, software, software instruction manuals, speech recognition, hardware, guides, websites, technical documentation, operating instructions, electronics, electrical engineering, measurement technology, control technology, machining centres, packaging machines, folding boxes, quality control, automotive technology, medical technology, medicine, oncology, radiology, urology, milling machines, cosmetics, jewellery, watches, certified translations (certificates, work references, contracts etc.), documents, CVs, applications, references, school certificates, work certificates, university certificates, degree certificates, medical licences, PhD certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, correspondence with authorities, driving licences.


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