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Eisenmann Übersetzungsteam provides technical translations into and from English for all subject areas: economics, law, technology, medicine, advertising, IT etc.

Our subject areas range from finance to law, from technology to advertising, websites, certificates and references.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of English into their mother tongues (English or German), as per the native speaker principle. Upon completion, every English translation is then checked by a second specialist translator (the four eye principle). Our mother tongue and four eye principles combined with our many years of experience are your guarantee of a perfect English translation. All translations between English and German are completed in accordance with DIN EN 15038.

If you wish, we can also certify your English translation.

English translations are normally carried out by internal English translators. This lets us react flexibly to translations with very short deadlines.

The minimum price for a translation is €30, excluding VAT.

The History of English

Originally, the Anglo-Saxon language appeared alongside the Low German language after the first sound shift in the West Germanic languages, and was carried to the British Isles from around 450 BC by the Jutes, Angles and Saxons.

Thus, English belongs to the West Germanic languages (a subgroup of the Indo-European languages), alongside German and Dutch. Roughly half of the English vocabulary consists of Germanic words (Old English and Scandinavian), and the other half consists of Romantic words (French and Latin).

The Spread of English

The English language is not called the universal language for nothing. Together with the most commonly spoken language (Mandarin-Chinese), English is the most widespread language in the world. Great Britain, the USA and Australia are but three examples of countries in which English is the native language. Worldwide, there are now more than 340 million English native speakers; add in those whose second language is English and we reach roughly 510 million speakers worldwide! Additionally, English is the official language in roughly 49 countries, i.e. India, Singapore and Nigeria.

English is also the official language - or at least one of them - of most international organisations (i.e. the United Nations).

Due to the widespread nature of English, numerous language variants have developed. Nowadays we can't simply distinguish between British and American English, but also between Australian English, Hong Kong English, Indian English, Canadian English, South African English etc.

Thanks to its spread and its status as a universal language which has certainly been enhanced by 50 years of increasing Americanisation of our society, the English language is of great significance to us translators of English.


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