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Eisenmann Übersetzungsteam provides technical translations by native speakers of Persian (Farsi) into and from Persian for all subject areas: economics, law, technology, medicine, advertising, IT etc.

Our subject areas range from finance to law, from technology to advertising, websites, certificates and references.

All texts are translated by experienced specialist translators of Persian into their mother tongues (Persian or German), as per the native speaker principle.

The Spread of Persian

Persian (Farsi) is an official language in Iran and Tadzhikistan, with over 65 million speakers. It is also spoken in Afghanistan, Iraq, India and Uzbekistan, as well as in parts of Europe and North America. In total, there are over 100 million speakers of Persian worldwide, which is why Persian is portrayed as the most important language in southwest Asia. It is an Indo-European language and has been written for 100 years.

The evolution of Persian can be split into three periods: the Old Iranian period until 100 BC, the Middle Iranian period until 900 AD and the New Iranian period from the 9th Century onwards. During the Old Iranian period, Old Iranian and Avestan were born, but only Old Iranian survived. During the Middle Iranian period, Middle Iranian arose which was grammatically simpler, however it lost significance in the course of Islamisation. Finally, New Iranian (Farsi) evolved from Middle Iranian, Parthian and other dialects, and became the standard language in central and southwest Asia until the 9th Century. Borrowed words from Parthian and Middle Iranian can still be found in New Persian and New Iranian.


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