Prices for Translations by Experienced, Native-Speaker Translators
What does a translation cost?


Minimum price for most European languages: €30 exc. VAT = €35.70 inc. VAT

Minimum price for Scandinavian languages; €40 exc. VAT = €47.60 inc. VAT

Minimum price for Arabic: €50 exc. VAT = €59.50 inc. VAT

Minimum price for Asian languages (except Turkish): €60 exc. VAT = €71.40 inc. VAT

Subject Areas:

  • Law
    • All types of contract:
      Purchase contracts, licence agreements, employment contracts, credit agreements, co-operation agreements, management contracts etc.
    • General terms and conditions, conditions of purchase, delivery conditions
    • Correspondence, statements of case
    • Patent law: patents, patent specifications, patent descriptions, patent claims, patent applications, patent lawsuits
    • Certificates of registration
  • PR Texts, Advertising
    • Press releases
    • Advertisement texts
    • Sales bulletins
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Catalogues
  • Management
    • Management correspondence
    • PowerPoint slides
    • Business plans
    • Risk management
  • Accounting
    • Profit and loss sheets
    • Annual reports
    • Cash flow reports
  • Information Technology
    • Software, software manuals, speech recognition, computer applications, computer games
    • Hardware, instructions
  • Websites
  • Technical Documentation, Operating Instructions, Instruction Manuals, Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets
  • Medical technology, Medical Devices and Instruments, Catheters, Dental Technology
  • Medicine (in particular Radiology, Oncology and Urology, Doctor’s Reports, Results
  • Technology, Engineering
    • Electrical engineering, electronics
    • Mechanical engineering, machine tools, laser technology, machining centres, milling machines
    • Packaging machines, packaging technology, folding boxes, manufacturing
    • Quality control
    • Defence technology
    • Measurement technology, control technology, pump technology
    • Automotive technology, automotive engineering
    • Food industry, food technology
    • Agriculture
    • Jewellery and watches
    • Environmental technology
  • Cosmetics
  • Certified translations - certifications (certificates, work references, contracts etc.)
  • Private Documents, such as:
    • CVs, job applications
    • Certificates (school certificates, work certificates, university certificates, diplomas, medical licences, PhD certificates)
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates
    • Wills
    • Correspondence with authorities (citizenship acquisitions)
    • Driving licences
    • Emigration documents


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