Our Translators are All Qualified and Experienced Native Speakers

Native Speakers

The mother tongue principle is the rule for all translations. It states that a translator shall only translate into his/her mother tongue. Adhering to this principle ensures that the translation is grammatically and stylistically correct. Only a native speaker has the necessary flair and ability to identify all the subtleties of a language. Here at Eisenmann Übersetzungsteam, we only use native speakers: British and American translators work into English, while German translators always work into German. We never violate this principle.

The only exceptions are a very small number of foreign languages for which no native speakers are available to translate or certify texts.

Not all translators obey this principle. Sometimes, German translators work into English, but not in this company! The mistakes which would crop up could possibly slip through the net and have negative consequences.


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