Certified Translations by Experienced, State-Certified Translators

Certified Translations

Translations must be certified when used for official purposes, both domestically and abroad. Almost every divorce decree, birth certificate, certificate of registration, partnership agreement or balance sheet which is translated must also be certified by the translator. In the business sphere, a certified translation would be required, for instance, when opening a new branch or taking over a company. In the private sphere, for example, documents necessary for a wedding are officially recognised.

By certifying, the sworn and/or publicly appointed translator confirms that the translation is correct with a certification notice, his/her signature and often a stamp.

When presented abroad, the translator’s certification often must be authenticated by a notary, whose authentication must then be legalised by the regional court. We also offer this service.

Certified translations in Germany may only be completed by translators who have been appointed, authorised and sworn in accordingly by the respective regional court. A translator may only apply to be sworn in if he/she has passed a state examination as a translator in the language in question, or if he/she has a university-level degree in Translation Studies.

Georg Eisenmann is accredited as a publicly appointed and sworn translator for English and German (Regional Court of Karlsruhe) at the American Consulate General in Frankfurt and the British Consulate General in Munich.



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